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Financial reporting
BPV gives advice, provides support, and contributes ideas. As an example, we support you in drawing up budgets, liquidity forecasts, and business plans. We can also assist you in drawing up applications for financing as well as the online communication with the bank for these purposes. By obtaining the right insight into your company, we can identify risks and point out opportunities. We support you and provide you with sound and reliable advice. This guarantees that you have someone who helps you choose the right direction for your business and supports you in your chosen direction.

Naturally, we also offer our services to draw up annual accounts and, if applicable, digitally submit this information to the Chamber of Commerce or your principal banker.

Our handy benchmarking tool ensures we can monitor how your company's results compare in your sector. This will enable you to focus on your core business, while we take on some of your administrative tasks.

BPV continuously invests in knowledge of national and international rules on taxation and grants. Thanks to our many years of experience, we apply these rules with a clear vision and practical effectiveness, which contributes to entrepreneurial success.

Our services include setting up fiscally-optimized corporate or financing structures, asset and estate planning, as well as taking care of all tax returns.

On an international scale
For a number of years, BPV has been a leading partner in an international context both to foreign companies looking to open a branch in the Netherlands and to entrepreneurs wishing to do business abroad.

Our professionals have a wealth of expertise and look forward to advising you on a range of topics such as tax rulings, regulations concerning expats and their employers, and international acquisitions.

Our work with a number of renowned consultancy firms abroad ensures that you will receive the best possible service.

Business Economics
Whether you are occupied with a company valuation, a buyout, or optimization of business processes and returns, our advisers support you in setting out your strategy and vision. Together with you, we will take stock of the current situation, review the possibilities, and discuss the possible outcomes.

We can quickly adapt and provide you with appropriate advice, thanks to intensive cooperation with our own tax specialists and external legal advisers.

We can also clarify which grants may be suitable for you, by way of our grant scan. This grant scan makes use of the tool to help you quickly identify whether you are eligible to apply for certain grants. This database includes over 5000 grant schemes and is monitored for new schemes on a daily basis by, which means that we always make use of the most up-to-date information.

On an international scale
Our professionals have extensive experience in setting up and implementing fiscally-optimized international corporate structures and international acquisitions. As we support business owners and speak their language, a considerable number of German and English-speaking companies already use our services.